Supervisor ALM

Expressions of interest for the Supervisor ALM are now closed. 
Successful participants were emailed on the 1 August 2019 with confirmation of selection and pre-disposing activities.
If you still wish to be considered for the Supervisor ALM, please email ASAP.
The following information provides a more detailed overview of the ALM and the requirements.

We are excited to be able to offer Supervisors the opportunity to obtain College Points at GPTEC 2019!

We are offering an Active Learning Module (ALM) called “Revitalise your supervisor skills”.

The ALM consists of dedicated Supervisor workshops hand-picked to revitalise and reignite the core skills required to become a more capable and successful Supervisor.

Full ALM Program

To be eligible for maximum College Points (40 Category 1 RACGP points and/or 30 PDP ACRRM points), supervisors MUST complete the following by the specified due dates;

  • Complete the Predisposing Activity by midnight of the 25 August 2019, 
  • Attend 4 of the 5 dedicated supervisor sessions at GPTEC, and,
  • Complete the Evaluation and Reinforcing Activity by midnight of the 29 September 2019.

If all of this criteria is not met, full College Points will not be awarded.

Detailed information relating to each of the criteria for the ALM can be found below;

Predisposing Activity:

      • The Predisposing Activity consists of 10 brief questions which relate to the session topics.
      • The questions have been asked by the presenters to gain insight into where you currently sit when it comes to their session topic.
      • The activity will be sent out to you via email on Wednesday 31 July 2019 and will be due no later than midnight on Sunday, 25 August 2019.
      • No late submissions can be accepted due to college reporting deadlines.

ALM Sessions:
There will be 5 dedicated supervisor sessions, of which you will need to attend a minimum of 4 of the 5 to be eligible for full College Points. Details of the included sessions are listed below in the order they will run on the day, according to the updated version of the program. You can refer to the program at any time on the website to check session times, etc.

Session details

Session 1: Off to a good start. Managing the transition into GP training – Gerard Ingham & James Brown

The beginning of GP training can be very stressful and it is a big change for GP registrars. This interactive workshop will allow participants to learn how to effectively manage the transition into practice by supporting and creating a strong relationship between the registrar and supervisor.

Session 2: A Rumble of Registrars…. Managing Small Group Learning in General Practice – Rebecca Lock, Graham Emblen, Catherine Eltringham & Danielle James

By utilising small group discussions, this workshop aims to reinvent small group learning in your practice. It will allow you to review your approach when it comes to supervisor education sessions for more than one registrar. Although the workshop is aimed at supervisors of small groups, it will also be beneficial to all supervisors.

Session 3: Emotional Intelligence – Catherine Casey & Emie Roy

In this workshop you explore the concept of emotional intelligence, how it helps individuals to identify, regulate and manage emotions within themselves and others.

Session 4: Learning from stuffing it up – Graham Emblen & Rebecca Lock

This workshop, through games, role modelling, facilitated small and large group discussions, will expand participants understanding of how errors can be used as an effective learning tool. We will explore what cultural and environmental aspects need to be created to allow for errors to be identified and used for learning.

Session 5: The Coaching role of the GP Supervisor – Patrick Kinsella & Heather Grusauskas

This interactive workshop provides participants the opportunity to develop and practice coaching skills utilising “active listening” and “ask before tell” models.

Reinforcing Activity:

      • The Reinforcing Activity will consist of approximately 10 questions which relate to the session topics.
      • The questions have been asked by the presenters as a reflection activity to reinforce the skills learnt within their session.
      • You will need to answer the questions relevant to the sessions you attended. If you attended all five of the session, all questions must be answered.
      • The activity will be sent out on Monday 8 September 2019 and will be due by midnight of Sunday 29 September 2019.
      • No late submissions can be accepted due to college reporting deadlines.

Post the conference, you will also be sent out an evaluation to complete. It consists of 5 questions, so should only take approximately 5 minutes to complete, depending on how much feedback you would like to provide. As we do not normally offer an ALM as part of GPTEC, it is really important we receive feedback on this process and we want to keep improving.

Individual Workshop Attendance
We are also offering Supervisors RACGP Category 2 points and/or ACRRM Core Points for workshops attended if the full ALM criteria is not met. Supervisors would be eligible for 3 RACGP Category 2 points per workshop, and/or, 2 ACRRM Core Points per workshop attended. As an example, if you are an RACGP member and attend 3 of the ALM supervisor workshops, you would be eligible for 9 category 2 points.

When considering participation in the ALM at GPTEC 2019, be aware that concurrent sessions include CPR. You will need to choose ALM sessions to receive College points.

If you have any further questions or concerns about the ALM, please email