GPTEC Overview

EV and MCCC, hosts of GPTEC 2019, are excited to bring GPTEC to Victoria and unite
Australia’s medical and cultural educators, GP supervisors, registrars, medical students,
junior doctors and administrative teams who are critical in shaping our future GPs.
We want GPTEC 2019 to be consistently challenging, sometimes controversial,
always respectful, while providing a clear path to the future.
The GP training landscape is evolving. It’s a time for us to look to the future; to be
innovative, progressive and to make a difference in the future of general practice
education and training in Australia. Dare we say it’s time to look at Revolutionising
our approach, our thinking, our way forward.
We invite you to be part of the conversation at GPTEC 2019, in particular as 2019
is shaping to be such a pivotal year.

There are many reasons to attend:
• 2019 is an important first year in the transition to the colleges for the management
of existing and new programs.
• The Conference provides a unique opportunity to bring together people from across
the medical education spectrum from medical students through to experienced GPs.
• Be involved in and contribute to discussions and presentations on the future drawing
on our past and current experiences.
• Help redefine and revolutionise opportunities for our next generation of GPs.
We look forward to hosting GPTEC in Melbourne and welcoming thought-leaders
from regional, rural and metropolitan communities across Australia.

Join us.
Be part of the future.
Be part of GPTEC 2019.